Startups Expectations vs Reality Remade! (2022)

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As new businesses, raises, others fall. That’s the way of life. But you know as humans we often get caught in the hype and the glamour of starting our own company in general. It’s even harder in starting an e-commerce platform. Now, at this time being ‘post’ pandemic. Let’s go through some points to know what you might be expecting but it would be needing a reality check.

Startup Cost We all know the saying. “You can start your business, with 0 dollars TODAY!” Well. It’s not all the way false. But it isn’t all the way true either. You can practically start a business, but you do need to gain traction. And it’s not really about monetary cost.

How about, TIME. Yes, you didn’t think of that. And what’s disappointing. It’s that is, not forever. Some might know this statement all too well. “TIME IS MORE VALUABLE THAN MONEY.” And in business, it will need all of it. So be careful and schdule out your time.

Marketing Plans Now, a lot of us marketers can relate. That not all marketing plans are all great marketing plans. Ok. So why am I seeing companies having no feeling in their marketing? That’s why guys like GaryVee, can have so many people listening to him. Because hear is the expectation. You go and market the company. That’s wrong.

Why? Because in reality, people want to connect with people, not a system.

For example. Politicians, in my home county of Antigua & Barbuda we are under England jurisdiction. So have a party system. Similar to Democrats and Republicans in the US. The amount of blind favoritism that goes into these election periods, it’s shocking.

So the name of the group isn’t that all-important because everyone knows Elon Musk.

Heavy Competition Ah, my favorite. And it’s very simple. I expect to have competition. But the reality is, you don’t know the level at which they on. So that is a battle you would need to fight. But do your due in doing some intense research, throughout your field, all you need is to implement.

High Diminish Self-esteem The world of business is tough. But those who don’t practice charisma, nor boost their self-esteem, you will be done for. Because like in the freelancer world. It’s every man for themselves. And all love ends the war.

‘No more Mr. Nice Guy’, is there. The reality is. There is no such thing as that. So be strong and have your head on!

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