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Music is such an amazing thing. It makes you visualize our in man’s thoughts and makes us sometimes vocalize my pain or happiness or anything by that magnitude.

I am the person, who needs to have something in my ear to somewhat feel whole, in working, driving, and even walking. It can be a vlog on YouTube while eating or listening to Breaking Benjamins on Spotify while working.

It’s might get a bit iffy on the work put in for some people. Since it would be a distraction on their part. But hear me out.

In being put on to artists like System Of A Down, you get a sense of high workflow and being more in turn with your work.

And it doesn’t go with just Rock. Lo-fi is the perfect example of the type of music one uses to while creating spreadsheets, creating content, developing proper marketing strategies, and the list goes on.

And others may think. Why do you need to entertain all the time?

Now, with short attention spans, people get bored with simple tasks. It’s almost certain that a person would entertain themselves through the media they choose to use.

But the funny thing is, it is the right type of media you have to use. You can just wake up and in your plan stage for the day, you are listening to EDM, with a high bpm.

For example:

The Reggae genre has a typical BPM ranging from 60-90, and with that, your brain doesn’t need to listen to the lyrics. They can just vibe.

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