3 Ecommerce tips that will help you gain buyers

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You can agree with me in saying, that everyone can run a business. Right? But not everyone can, and it’s the same with e-commerce stores. You are proposing entry-level items, that can be found elsewhere, and sometimes, much cheaper.

But here are some tips for gaining organic buyers to your store.

1. Community engagement.

Now in the time of Discord, Clubhouse, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups. It’s easier than ever to be in not 1, not 2, not 3 but 10+ communities online for free!

Discord is my personal favorite because it brings together the industry specialist with the regular teenager that’s a gamer and an entrepreneur. Sites like are amazing places where you can find different servers (aka groups) in different fields, like gaming, podcasting, programming, etc.

2. Restructuring your brand identity

From the top, I said that not everyone can be an entrepreneur, and now not everyone can run a social media page. With free editing sites like Canva and Inkscape, it’s now easy to have branded posts, for your social media.

Like you might have a new product release, you can jump on Canva and create the image in less than 5 minutes. And in no time, it can be posted.

3. Develop the correct relationships.

Yes, talking to people is still a thing. It’s the way of life. Verbally communicating your value proposition, in the market plan and have that energy in meetings and potential speaking engagements is important.

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