Being a Young Professional (Expectations vs Reality)

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In developing the concept of this blog I have viewed a few articles dictating the field changes in past years, and I am surprised by it. But there isn’t a conversation about the perception of how a young professional should be. In their attributes, in their attitudes, and their work ethic.

The Problem Of being a Young Professional

Often times the notion is that White-Collar jobs are weak, and not ‘real jobs’. I can agree, today’s society has consisted of overturning in innovative startups and traditional business practices, that many become lazy in their quest to work hard, and put their bodies on the line, In real life.

I give the example of miners. Who often work 47 or 48 hours per week, clocking multiple 10- to 12-hour shifts, with an average of $53,905 a year. Interesting right? When a lot of Bitcoin Miners make 10k+ a month, if not more.

So I ask, is its atmosphere causing people to take less risk? Well, yes. Financially speaking. But it would depend on the type of person they are.

Which also goes the intention of the person.

The Expectations Of Being a Young Professional

In busioness, you have to live out the cons of the executive decisions you make for our business. It’s the same as working as a young professional.

I know the feeling. You have so many things you want to accomplish, it’s just to be there, and you have visions about your job being the best in the world, and finally feel important in the working society.

Yes, it’s not a bad thing to think that. In anything, your perception of stuff will make or break you, but sometimes the reality gets the best of us.

The Reality of Being a Young Professional

Like me guess, when you first came into your workplace the manager gives you to task on task to work on? Or do you have to do things for many other employees, because you were an intern?

It’s the same lofi dream of being an overnight success gone wrong.

And what’s funny, it all comes down to being a thoughtful person. Scholl tells us to do this and this will work, or parents say, if you chase this then everything will fall into place.

I have been through my share are blessed moments in coming up in my career, but I am becoming mindful of the traps and setbacks that I may have, so it don’t pivot me to nothingness.

The truth is, it’s really hard to have a foundation of growth when you weren’t in that environment to begin with. And that’s why many are now are in White Collar jobs. The office life or the work-from-home is amazing but it’s how you go about it.

Are you constantly thinking about tomorrow, if everything stops, where you will end up? Have you built a schedule to consistently schedule time for the more important things in life and to better elevate your career?

Yh they dont teach that in school so you have to learn on your own

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