Can Creators be Silent

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People. Ah, we love them, the best and worst. It seems that the more toxic we can be, it’s like we can’t understand to be rational.

So this is my thoughts on Creators, voices their opinion on issues is good and bad. Heaven and hell, which in itself have some balance for the most part.

How is it, whenever it’s a huge event in time, people can’t be silent? I understand that the Creators have a ‘responsibility in talking about it. But why? Again I understand, that there are Creators of certain niches that are required to have a voice like News, Commentary, but even when it comes to Commentary, it depends on what audience they targeting.

So why everyone needs to talk about it. Because here is the broad scheme of things. Now everyone is educated on certain issues. And some might say,

“Well, they should know, don’t they read the news?!”

Ok. And.

Not everyone reads the news, and with that I understand. Sometimes, people want to just live and not be so caught up with events that might put fear in them. Hell, most of the popular media outlets in the West are one-sided and have many issues that they don’t take.

But back to the top.

So my thoughts on this are if you don’t know, I understand. If you don’t need to know, I understand that as well. Everyone has morality in situations, let’s understand that.

The inspiration behind this. Is from the channel, Aba & Preach. They noted that the recent event of Israel and Palestine is something that they won’t cover because they aren’t knowledgeable about it and they just don’t want to know. And with that, I understand.

Video of that is below

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