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Having a voice is important. With that comes challenges. For Startups, it’s convincing others of an innovative piece of a puzzle missing for the peace and prosperity in this life. Not to mention SMBs being the mouthpiece of the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Being a public figure is interesting. Having your perspective is respectable. Being someone’s beacon of hope is scary. Well, not for me. I realize that you might who can change the minds, hearts, and/or events in human history in life. Nevertheless, producing something good for the world’s failures.

In this blog, I want to just you some activities that you need to prepare yourself for this new journey that you are about to embark on.

  1. Talk to strangers

It’s weird right. Well, life is where. As a kid, you somethings guilt trip your parents in getting what you want and sometimes cry in desperate need of something. In the same way, you would need to talk to people. Not with the crying and from a caring perspective.

Yes, it would be tricky, but there is a feeling inside everyone that blocks you from even talking to someone. In the age of text, you won’t need to verbalize your opinion. But as a person who would need to have tough skin and be in the public eye, it would help you.

  1. Listen to Podcast

Now hear me out. There is gonna be a lot of persons waiting for the reading tip of this article but that will come next.

Now, you might be wondering why does this helps. It’s simple. In conducting conversations with people you want to have some control in the motion of the interaction.

In listening to podcasters, you can hear the voice reflections and how conversations might go different places. I know you at some point, you would wish that you were in that interaction to verbalize your thoughts.

That’s perfect, then you can go about this 2 ways, you can read or voice down those thoughts and have your commentary to it. There you will see how your voice sounds and practice fine-tuning your voice.

  1. Reading Articles and books

Yay, this is for our scholars here.

What needs more to say. Reading helps you. Period.

It helps you explore more about a person’s mindsets in their times and how they went about things, so you can have some lessons to go by.

In reading, you become wealthy in knowledge, and that will widen your fan base. Not to mention you will talk to the most important and influential people in different industries. Most of them read philosophy. So intently you will become interesting

Hope these tips can help you!

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